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This pot is closed. Payments can no longer be made.

This pot is now closed

Pot closes

14th January 2022

Please pay £15 by 14th January. Under where it says enter amount, you can just use the drop-down to change the "Support Collctiv" to zero then you won't pay an extra fee.

If you forget to pay by the 14th please let us know. If we don't hear from you we'll assume you've bottled it and will offer the place to someone on the waiting list.

When you pay there’s box where you can enter enter some text… Please use this to give us your estimated 100m time. Perhaps make it a realistic time for repeated sets in a pool - so that's not your OW time or that record you set when you were 16 and weighed less than a seagull's scrotum.

This is not a commercial venture and all the money goes to Shirley pool. In fact the only expense is the pool fees. So if you can't make it we won't be able to refund you. However you can of course pass your place on to someone else.

Cheers from Ashley, Holly, Jon & Sam


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This pot has now closed.
Payments can no longer be made into this pot.

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