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**More funds will be transferred tonight, including anything given today**

Hello, my name is Robyn Adams and I want to help an old friend, Denys Bilko from Ukraine. Denys and I went to university together, and he became a teacher at a university in Kyiv.

Denys has three young children: 3 year old Elizabeth, 18 month old Elisey, and little Solomiya, who was born this morning (8 March). Denys hasn't asked for help, and they are safe (now). But with three very young children and having to flee his home with just a few bags, we felt we needed to do something.

Whether you give a little or a lot, your generosity is appreciated. And if you can't give right now, sharing this fundraiser would also be very helpful.

All money will be transferred directly to Denys' bank account so that the family can put it towards setting up their new home, or for essentials like fuel, clothing, etc. They are looking to settle in Germany.

If you would like to know more about their experiences, here is some of what Denys has shared with me about his life over the last 2 weeks.

On the morning of 24th of February 2022 we heard several loud explosions in Kyiv. At 4 am onwards. It is ironic, because Kyiv was bombed by Nazi germany exactly at 4 am in 1941.
Then there were many helicopters in the sky. They started to attack Gostomel airport. It was also reported that many airfields were hit by missiles. It turned from peace to war in an instant. I went out just to find long lines of people trying to get to the shops and at petrol stations.
Our family lives in a 3 room flat in the capital city, Kyiv, with my wife's elderly parents. It took me over 6 hours to get some fuel for the 2 cars and in the mean time I asked my family to pack everything in to the cars and we left Kyiv.
Reports indicated that hundreds of tanks and other heavy machinery had crossed the borders with Ukraine and started to hit millitary targets. More and more reports indicated that Ukraine was under full attack from Belarus (Northern borders) and from Russia (Eastern borders) as well as from Crimea at the South. Our progress was slow. Traffic was heavy to extreme. Some times not more than 5 km/hour. It was late night already.
Very few civilian vehicles were moving towards Kyiv. But plenty of heavy haulers with tanks on platforms. These were Ukrainian.
Somehow we got to Bila Tserkva and decided to use country roads instead of main carriageways. This made us move faster in a single file of cars. Our destination was Carpathians mountains in Ukraine as a safe spot. It would usually take about 11 hours driving to there... But not now. By the early morning we got to Khmelnitskiy town outskirts and the bridge in front of us was blown up. So the traffic all of a sudden turned the other way, people panicked and it was chaos. Many tried to use the field and got hopelessly stuck in mud. People were driving at the wrong side of the road. We were forced to make a detour of several hundred kilometres. So.... Very rapidly small roads were clogged and traffic stopped. I contacted maternity wards along our route, just in case my wife goes in to labour. Millitary forces installed multiple block posts that made progress ever slower... Every car was stopped and inspected...
36 hours later we arrived to a small village hostel in Jaremche town in Carpathians. There were two rooms available and that was a relief. At least we could get some rest from driving, wash and exercise our children. Can you imagine two kids sitting in baby chairs for 36 hours?
My TV was constantly on 24/7. Reports were alarming and scary. Next morning we went with Iryna to local hospital to make arrangements for delivery of the new baby and it seemed ok. All along the way we have seen low flying strike aircraft, missiles with their typical hissing noise, and helicopters. We didn't know who's they were. In few days it was reported, that town of Energodar is under missile attack. And there is a largest nuclear power station with 6 reactors in that town. Most probably one of the largest nuclear power stations in EU. I remember what happened in Chernobyl in 1986 and such possibility was scary. This fear was so deep, especially for the safety of our children that we made a decision to move to the border and get out of the country as soon as possible. We told kids that we are on a new adventure and 23 hours later, after crossing the border and registering in the refugee camp, we arrived to a small village of Nagyrabe in Hungary. My friend with whom we worked on some projects in Ukraine invited us to stay at his house.
The moment we crossed the border, there was a sigh of relief, as no man aged 18-60 are allowed out of the country. However two kids and a heavily pregnant wife allowed me an exemption to cross.
Next day we approached a local hospital, but doctors recommended to arrange for the delivery in a bigger medical center in Debrecen. About 60km.away. So several days later, on the 8th of march (International Women's Day) our little daughter was born in Debrecen, Hungary by a C-section.
Her name is Solomiya. 3.82 kg/52 cm.
We realize, that this was a timely and very necessary move.


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