🕋🌙🕋 A rare opportunity In Makkah 🕋🌙🕋

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🕋🌙🕋 *A rare opportunity to give your Sadaqah, Zakah, Iftaar and Fitrana to the very poor, orphans, widows and people of/in Makkah* 🕋🌙🕋

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was asked, "Which charity is best?" He ﷺ replied, *"Charity in Ramadan."*

Alhamdulillah the situation in Makkah has improved drastically over the past weeks, with things nearly back to pre-corona situation. Sadly the very poor, orphans and widows residing in Makkah still need our urgent Sadaqah and Zakah, support is needed to help them by the will of Allah ﷻ.

The residence of the Holy City are patient with the ever growing difficulties, and it is the Ummah at large who must support our brethren in Makkah AlMukaramah, as well as all places of difficulties. Different options are on offer to help our brethren.

*1 - Zakah & Sadaqah* - will be distributed to the most needy; many orphans, widows and very poor families.
*2 - Iftaar* - date packs destribution, about £10 per 3.75kg box, breaking fast for over 50 people, gain the equivalent of all their rewards, with the massive 100,000 times rewards found in Makkah.
*3 - Fitrana / ZakatulFitr* - £3.50 each. Its expected the price will be about £3.50 each, if its less your extra amount will be given to contribute to other packs.
*4 - anything else* you wish to donate for anything else specific, please make a note.

In shaa Allah I will be personally distributing the Zakah, Sadaqah and Fitrana/Zakatul Fitr here in Makkah. Please feel free to message me for any special requests in shaa Allah.

This is a unique opportunity to supporting and sponsoring the needy, where you will get great amounts of rewards in shaa Allah. The Salah and good deeds in Holy Makkah is *100,000 more than normal places*, you will only realise how vast the reward in the Hereafter. Please donate generously especially in this very blessed and greatly rewarded month of Ramadan.

Please use the link to donate, leaving a reference of the cause so your donation goes to the intended cause in shaa Allah;

*Collectiv Pool*

Very easy pay link - no fees too alhamdulillah

Please also forward to your brethren;
"Whoever points to something good will have the same reward as the one who does it .” [Muslim]

*For more info:*
Ahmed on WhatsApp +201550451750

JazakumAllah khair


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