🕋🌙🕋 A rare opportunity In Makkah 🕋🌙🕋

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This pot is now closed

🕋🌙🕋 A rare opportunity to give your Sadaqah, Zakah, food pack sponsorship, Iftaar and Fitrana to the people, poor, orphans and widows of/in Makkah 🕋🌙🕋

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was asked, "Which charity is best?" He ﷺ replied, *"Charity in Ramadan."*

Donation options;

1 - Zakah & Sadaqah - will be distributed to the most needy; many orphans, widows and very poor families.
2 - Food Packs - month food provisions for a household at £49 per month, due to high inflation this food pack has become much more expensive. Even £1 towards a food pack would greatly help. Please also sponsor after Ramadan too, if donate during Ramadan will have the extra Ramadan multiple rewards.
3 - Iftaar - date packs destribution, only £9 per 3.75kg box, breaking fast for over 50 people, gain the equivalent of all their rewards.
4 - Fitrana - ZakatulFitr - £5 (normal) and £10 (premium) options
5 - Anything else you wish to donate for, please make a note.


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This pot has now closed.
Payments can no longer be made into this pot.

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