A strong end to Ramadan 💪🏿

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2nd May 2022

This is a last-ditch effort, while we have a local contact working on distribution, to add to the relief of people in Yemen. All funds received before the end of Ramadan will go to people whose struggle is very dire. Pictures have been shared and it's very disturbing.

May you have a good ending to Ramadan (regardles of if you contribute or not). It isn't a desire to use hadith (there is a saying of the Prophet: 'actions are by their conclusion') to elucidate donations but the intention in mobilising this collection pot is to hope for that 'good conclusion.'

My apologies for putting these fundraisers in front of you so regularly. The ambition is to approach this methodically and strategically, but I hope you can understand that this opportunity couldn't be missed. Practically, there is capacity to deliver about £2k but the aim will be modest here.


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This pot has now closed.
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