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Doin’ a travel and aiming to do some good!
Landing just before Christmas 2021, we have the opportunity to experience Thailand just as they’ve opened up post-Covid. 
Our intention is for a beach-based 40th for Pupper, seeing sights, eating all the noms, meeting excellent humans along the way and taking our time to soak up the experiences Thailand (and maybe beyond!) has to offer.
High on the hit list is the chance to work at an elephant sanctuary. We’re aiming for Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Find out more about their epic work rescuing elephants (and now dogs too!) at . It is an animal sanctuary project that works to educate against animal cruelty, particularly the working elephant industry in Asia.
If you’d like to support their excellent work, you can donate to this pot and we will pass it along to the sanctuary. 
This is Pupper’s preference in lieu of any birthday pressie, with no obligation, of course. The lephelumps need it more than she needs shiny things!


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This pot has now closed.
Payments can no longer be made into this pot.

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