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This pot is closed. Payments can no longer be made.

This pot is now closed


After such a positive response to our first Bingo Session and a few tweaks to the way we run things (stronger internet) please welcome back the Big Bingo Night part 2

Date : 17/7/20
Time : 7:00pm
Amount of games: 2
Price per ticket: £2.00

Each ticket will be the same ticket for both games, if your feeling pro and fancy taking the challenge of keeping track of more (printed and scribbled only), or you want to buy tickets for more than 1 person.
For every £2.00 in your payment, we will send 1ticket link.

1 person wants 2 tickets for 2 games = £4.00
2 people want 1 ticket each for 2 games = £4.00

Please bare in mind all money raised will be invested back into our community. The more we raise the more people we can help regenerate our community spirit.

Simple right?
It is indeed. Let’s have a night of fun, friendly, and a good ol’ community spirited entertainment.

If your hoping to win that dream villa in Benidorm, look elsewhere, but for an inflatable unicorn, a good giggle, and a chance to find out a little more about our fellow community, then grab your ticket!

Play with your children, play with your housemate, or invite your bubble round for a night in, whatever makes you happy. You bring the drinks, snacks, and people. Let us deal with the rest.

Tickets can be played electronically online through an tablet, phone or laptop through your normal internet browser with our amazingly digital ticketing system.

YOU WILL NEED 2 devices to play.
One to watch and one to play on.

If you don’t have two devices, it’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy, just print out or write out your ticket on a scrap piece of paper and use a jelly sweet as your number marker. WARNING, do not use chocolate, in this heat it will melt.

Tickets will be sent 24hours prior to the game.

The game will be live streamed via social media and information on accessing the stream will be included in the email.

Collecting your prize
When winning your prize you should contact Community Objectives CIC within 7 days of the event to arrange delivery or collection.

Any questions should be directed towards @communityobjectives on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Or emailed to
[email protected]

Community Objectives CIC is a community interest company and money collected from this game will be reinvested into our community in our response to COVID19.


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This pot has now closed.
Payments can no longer be made into this pot.

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