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This pot is closed. Payments can no longer be made.

This pot is now closed

Charity event will be on the 11th of December start time 10am Saturday.
If you would like to put a team in please me know this will also be posted on Facebook
+ £100 goes in per team to support cancer research

+ 24 hours every 6 hours be a change of time and break for 5 to 10 minutes .

+ The 24hkur will be at leman based on a GT1 and a GT3 idea 8 and 7 with 1 other host .

+ will be run as a practice so teams can jump in and out of the lobby in the change of stints .

+ Each team will have to count there laps each stint they do most laps in each class wins .

+ All proceeds will go to cancer research so any sponsors you can get to support you or your team please make ot so it goes in the pot .

+ Also a donation pot will be made separate for hulky and devus grandad to help support them with a gift at this difficult time .

+ if you are interested please thumb up and let me know here keep it short a sweet and we will get on with sorting the rest out.
I will be driving a GT1 car but we will sort out settings for all cars to help make it alot me fun and enjoyable .


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This pot has now closed.
Payments can no longer be made into this pot.

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