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Community Objectives CIC

Community Objectives CIC are a creative organisation specialising in proving creative events, workshops, performances , and projects focused on providing a positive social impact.

As with many businesses and community organisations Covid19 has impacted the level of impact we can provide.

Why should you donate?
Often funders provide a large amount of support for food donations, medical support and large business and while this is great worthwhile work, the importance of arts and culture can sometimes be forgotten about when we want to support the development of communities.

Successfully delivering a wide variety of projects since opening, we believe you should feel that your donation is put to the maximum use it can be. We don’t have huge overheads, we don’t over charge for our work, what we do do is make every penny count. Maximising output for the input and achieve great outcomes.

Where will this money be used?
We work with the whole of the northwest, but for this fund we will be using it to directly impact people, communities and small businesses across the Warrington area. This project will fund unique projects to take place in Warrington which will provide a platform for creative foresight, clarity and focus as we move into the ‘new normal’.

We would love to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support. To continue to support why not follow us on social media @communityobjectives and keep up to date with all thing Community Objectives CIC.

Community Objectives CIC are a registered Community Interest Company which means we have committed ourselves to ensuring we work for social impact and community benefit.

This pot is now closed
Community has closed this pot and payments can now longer be made into it.

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What is Collctiv?
Collctiv is a group payments app, that enables people to collect a pot(s) of money for a group activity, gift, event, sports, etc.
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Nope, you can simply pay with your debit or credit card, or use Apple or Google Pay.
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This has changed my life for the better!! I always ended up out of pocket when doing collections somehow. Now I buy a gift from the internet, have it delivered to work and transfer the money back into my account. It has also made collecting subs for netball so much easier as all the deposits were getting lost in my account.
Wonderful App
I have used this app for lots of different things since WFH from organising collections for leaving gifts at work to selling tickets for the Christmas party. It just makes it so easy to just send the link and saves me dishing out my bank details to everyone by email.
I just had to leave a review after my second successful Collctiv money pot! I needed an alternative after PayPal shut their PayPal Money Pool feature and this was perfect. I collect money for charity fundraising and this was ideal for allowing people to donate what they wanted.

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