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Conrad Lynch

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Thu, 30 Jul 2020

Acclaimed theatre company NOT TOO TAME (NTT) based in Warrington, are making a call out for stories for an online mini series called #LocalLegends. NTT will be asking people from across the North to contribute to this amazing project to support communities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A #LocalLegends fund will run alongside the mini series in order to raise vital support for Warrington Charities and Community Groups currently fighting on the front line of COVID-19.

The #LocalLegends (LLF) will fund those projects that help people on the fringes of our community and is working in partnership with Warrington Voluntary Action to identify communities in need to ensure a targeted distribution of funds raised

NTT would like to thank the teams at COMMON and COLLCTIV! for supporting this project.

This pot is now closed
Conrad has closed this pot and payments can now longer be made into it.

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This has changed my life for the better!! I always ended up out of pocket when doing collections somehow. Now I buy a gift from the internet, have it delivered to work and transfer the money back into my account. It has also made collecting subs for netball so much easier as all the deposits were getting lost in my account.
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I have used this app for lots of different things since WFH from organising collections for leaving gifts at work to selling tickets for the Christmas party. It just makes it so easy to just send the link and saves me dishing out my bank details to everyone by email.
I just had to leave a review after my second successful Collctiv money pot! I needed an alternative after PayPal shut their PayPal Money Pool feature and this was perfect. I collect money for charity fundraising and this was ideal for allowing people to donate what they wanted.

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