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WRFC Clubhouse Facilities Fundraiser
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Andrew Rutherford

80% of £10,000 goal

Date: April 5th to 6th

Challenge: Cycling the 153 miles from Wimbledon RFC to North Walsham RFC

Purpose: Fundraiser for upgrading WRFC rugby club facilities

Participants: M&Y ‘Mighty’ Chairman, Paul Ferguson, will lead a team of Roberts, Rucker, Rutherford & Wood to arrive prior to the 1st XV’s key league game on Saturday 6th April.

The Fundraiser:
On 5th April we will set out early from WRFC to cycle the 102 miles to Bury St Edmonds, a brief overnight stay and the final 50+ miles to reach North Walsham RFC ready for the 1st XV’s key league game vs North Walsham.
The aim is to raise as much as we can to upgrade WRFC’s Clubhouse/kitchen/BBQ facilities, something that will add benefit to members across the whole club, and allow us to have an infrastructure for a longer term revenue stream.

An ambitious £10,000, but why not!




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